Our Manicure and Pedicure treatments begin with a detailed consultation and thorough nail assessment by our Aveda nail technician. Working together, you can develop a strategy that will help you achieve the results you desire.

At Neutre Salon and Spa, we offer a variety of AVEDA nail treatments, including our most popular Shellac Manicure and Pedicure. Shellac is the breakthrough, patent-pending UV3 technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels -a true innovation in chip-free extended-wear color. And removal is just 10 minutes! No filling. No drills. Resulting in 14 days of glorious high-gloss shine!

Manicures and Pedicures Price
Regular Manicure $20.00
French Manicure $28.00
Regular Pedicure $40.00


At Neutre Inc we offer a variety of AVEDA Nails treatments. Our Shellac Manicure and regular Pedicure are most requested Treatment but you may choose from any of the AVEDA Nail treatment below.we also offer specialized Men’s and children Manicures and Pedicures.

Shellac Manicure Price
Shellac Color $25.00
Shellac Manicure $30.00
Shellac French Manicure $35.00
Shellac Pedicure $45.00
Shellac Removal $5.00


Nails Enhancement Price
Nail Repair $3.00
Polish Change-Hands $10.00
Polish Change-Feet $15.00
Paraffin-Hands $8.00
Paraffin-Feet $8.00
Tip Extension Fill $40.00
Tip Extension French $45.00
Tip Extension Removal $15.00

Caribbean Manicure & Pedicure Treatment – $15

A total solution—personalized for your hands and feet—that cleanse and smooth dry skin so skin stays clear. Includes consultation; professional exfoliation, pore extractions.

Green Science Perfecting Plant Peel Hand/Feet Treatment – $15

Beyond glycolic peels—the Perfecting Plant Peel SM gives you the instant exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel but without the associated irritation.

Enbrightenment™ Discoloration Hands/Feet Treatment – $15

Experience at Neutre the combination of powerful ingredients, professional massage, and reflexology developed as part of a complete Enbrightenment™ Skin Care system.

Green Science™ Skin Renewing Hands/Feet Treatment – $10

Combines high-tech plant technology with a high-touch service to maximize the benefits of Green Science™ skin care system—more visible life, reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles, improved visible firmness. Incorporates skin-rejuvenating massage with professional-only Green Science™ Masque-Age